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Hex Technology Consult Limited is a young entrepreneurial IT firm which seeks to challenge the status quo of today’s IT consulting scene lead by a CEO who is young, vibrant, innovative and holds a highly sought Ethical Hacking certificate from the EC-Council University (Albuquerque, New Mexico – U.S.A), an institution with accreditations from: I.Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS) & National Security Agency (NSA) II.United States Department of Defense (DoD) III.National Infocomm Competency Framework (NICF) IV.United States Department of Veterans Affairs V.Malaysian Military Cyber Security Warfare Department (KOMLEK)  & VI.Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC).
Also surrounding the CEO are equally qualified stuff who possess deep skills and experience in Cyber Security, Computer Forensics, Networking, Data Analysis, Web Application Development, Software Development, Tech Asset Management, ETC……
At Hex Technology Consult Limited we believe in delivering affordable and proactive technological solutions that will go a long way to help the operational goals of our clients. We are focused on helping businesses, organizations and individuals to meet the challenges of today’s technologies and aim to ease the difficulties turning it from the big unknown to the one that gives satisfaction.
Client trust
We are known for delivering high quality and cost-effective IT services for small to medium and large enterprises. We make sure to focus on the details of our clients services needs so we can provide the solutions that will make an impact. We always look for the most innovative solutions and services that will give our clients a competitive advantage.
To be the one true face of man’s highest technological achievement.


To provide superior technological solutions to the complete satisfaction of individuals, corporate bodies and society at large.




Corporate Headquarters

Hex Technology Consult Limited

Tamale, Ghana

Phone: +233372020961/+233242911898

Chief Executive Officer

Abdul Razak P. O Box TL753 Tamale, Ghana

Legal Business Registration Details

Ghana Registrar General

Registration Number: CS023862018

Date of Incorporation: 31st Day of January 2018 Ghana

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